Enabling Works

The importance of efficient Enabling works cannot be over stated, but are frequently underestimated. Spectra Analysis has experience of preparing construction-ready sites Its well honed approach ensures certainty at the early stage of a construction project.

Experience covers the site preparation, creation of access routes and any related facilities such as security fencing, ramps and signage. We take responsibility for site clearance, excavation, removal of obstacles and hazardous waste, recycling of contaminated soil according to strict procedures and best practice. This assures our customers of cost effective solutions designed to prevent ground work problems at a later stage of the construction project.

Our Enabling Services encompass the following activities:

• Principal Contractor Role
• Site Security
• Signage and Hoarding
• Haul Roads
• Traffic Proposals with Local Authorities
• Intrusive Structural Surveys
• Asbestos Removal
• Pile Probing and Obstruction Removal
• Service Diversions
• Remedial Works
• Ecological Enabling Works
• Site Investigations
• Feasibility Studies

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