Water Hygiene Services

The provisions for the prevention of Legionella and or Legionnaires disease stem from the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Guidance on achieving and maintaining compliance is given in The Approved Code of Practice (L8)

Spectra aim to support our clients to achieve and maintain compliance with (L8) through the provision of transparent process of services which includes;

• The audit of the existing Water Hygiene arrangements and the provision of a gap analysis which will allow Spectra to provide support to the client in the production of a clear Policy and the Written Scheme for the future management of the identified risks.
• Review the existing Legionella Water Hygiene Risk Assessment or undertake a new Legionella Water Hygiene Risk Assessment where appropriate to identify the potential hazards and actions necessary to eliminate or reduce the identified risks to as low as reasonably practicable.
• Undertake and manage the remediation actions arising form the Legionella Water Hygiene Risk Assessment.
• Provide the regular inspection, monitoring and testing necessary to maintain compliance and record the findings in the Log Book for the premises/system.
• Arrange with the Responsible Person the provision of suitable training (competence) and record keeping for those who work within or who may be affected by the water system of the premises.
• The provision of on-going support, audits and reviews with the Responsible Person for the premises to implement the written scheme and ensure continued compliance is maintained.
• The provision of an electronic management data base to host and archive records

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