Radon Risk Management

The provisions for the requirement to assess the risk from Radon Gas are made under the Management of Health and Safety Regulations at Work 1999 and The Ionising Radiation Regulations 1999.

Spectra aim to support our clients to achieve and maintain compliance with the Regulations through the provision of transparent process of services which includes;
• The audit of the existing Radon Gas arrangements and the provision of a gap analysis which will allow Spectra to provide support to the client in the production of a clear Policy and Procedures for the future management of the identified risks.
• Undertake Radon Risk Assessments of those sites identified as high risk to confirm the levels of Radon Gas present.
• Based on the results of the Radon Gas testing and analysis undertake risk assessments to eliminate or reduce to levels of exposure to as low as is reasonably practicable.
• Undertake and manage the remedial works to reduce the levels of Radon Gas within the premises as low as reasonably practicable and at least below the acceptable exposure limit.
• Following any remediation work repeat the Radon Gas testing to confirm the suitability of the work.
• Provide on-going support to the Client.

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