Fire Risk Management

The provisions for fire safety in premises are set out in The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Spectra aim to support our clients to achieve and maintain compliance with the “Order” through the provision of a transparent process of services which includes;

• The audit of the existing Fire arrangements and the provision of a gap analysis which will allow Spectra to provide support to the client in the production of a clear Policy and Procedures for the future management of the identified risks.
• Review the existing Fire Risk or undertake a new Fire Risk Assessment where appropriate to identify the potential hazards and actions necessary to eliminate or reduce the identified risks to as low as reasonably practicable.
• Undertake a Fire Compartmentation Risk Assessment where appropriate. Sadly most existing Fire Risk Assessments do not cover this very important element of fire safety particularly in high risk mixed residential and retail developments.
• Undertake and manage the remedial actions arising form the Fire Risk and Fire Compartmentation Assessment Surveys.
• Arrange with the Responsible Person the provision of suitable training for those who work within or have access to the building.
• The provision of on-going support, audits and reviews with the Responsible Person for the premises to ensure continued compliance is maintained.
• The provision of an electronic management data base to host and archive records

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