Energy Performance Certification (EPC)

The Energy Performance of Building Directive required from October 2009 that all commercial buildings should have an EPC when they are built, sold or rented. All public buildings of more than 1,000sq meters must display a Display Energy Certificate (DEC). From May 2010 all domestic properties which are sold or rented in England and Wales require a EPC.

The EPC provides a rating for the energy performance of building. The ratings are standard on a scale of A to G. An A rating being the best.

Spectra aim to support our clients to achieve and maintain compliance with the Directive through the provision of a transparent process of services which includes;

• The audit of the existing building information and the provision of a gap analysis;
• Undertake a site inspection to conduct an energy assessment which includes detailing dimensions, construction and heating/ water provision.
• Based on the information collated and assessed against the Governments standard criteria we will produce a EPC Rating for the building;
• Along with the responsible person we will review the available information to assess the most economical way the energy performance rating of the building can be improved;
• In conjunction with the responsible person arrange for the remedial works to be completed;
• Arrange for the EPC audit to be repeated and a new update EPC issued;
• Provide an electronic management data base to host and archive records;
• Provide on-going support, and repeat audits to support the responsible person.

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